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Final Project Write-Up

• December 17, 2012

I have posted my final project in the form of a research website I built regarding gun violence in the US. The link is Gun Violence in America¬†and can be viewed by anyone who uses the link. All of my maps, graphs, charts and visualizations are on this website and the data I used can […]

Ethics and Legality – Website of Resolve Inc.

• October 14, 2012

We were asked to determine the ethics and legality of a website pertaining to our topic for our final project. I am researching the use of foreign aid in developing countries and how, historically, foreign aid has been detrimental to the development of these nations. I have many resources that come from news articles, case […]

Judging a Wikipedia article – Health Care in the United States

• September 23, 2012

Health care in the US is a touchy subject. Some people think that we should be letting the market take precedent, others think that the US Government should assist in controlling the price/access to health care. My thesis for the research paper is this: A country that has access to universal healthcare is going to […]

Revision on Research Question

• September 11, 2012

Yesterday as I was in my Conflict 340 class (International Conflict Theory), we discussed the question as to why in all of the OECD nations, the US is by far, even a statistical outlier, the most violent nation. OECD is an international organization of the 30 richest countries throughout the world, most of them are […]

OCR Programs versus Manual Entry

• September 10, 2012

When digitizing historical documents, one of the greatest challenges is taking a large amount of information and enabling users to search through hundreds of years of text. This can create a difficult task of creating usable online archival documents. A problem that I have seen recently involves readings for classes that are in a PDF […]