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The audacity of record companies

• September 23, 2012

I will start this post with a disclaimer. I am opposed to record companies as a whole. Granted, many smaller ones are responsible, and many career musicians owe their lifestyles and successes to these types of companies. However, in the grand scheme of things, record companies homogenize digestible sound to “shut-up-and-take-my-money” consumers without a second […]

Judging a Wikipedia article – Health Care in the United States

• September 23, 2012

Health care in the US is a touchy subject. Some people think that we should be letting the market take precedent, others think that the US Government should assist in controlling the price/access to health care. My thesis for the research paper is this: A country that has access to universal healthcare is going to […]

Misinformation: Easy to Distribute, Hard to Correct

• September 16, 2012

With the birth of Twitter, Internet culture took a drastic turn. It’s hard to say if it is for better or for worse. 140 characters, mobile apps, and free access to the service enabled all sorts of new and innovative microblogging and information aggregation. Just as fast as someone’s ISP can connect them to Twitter, […]

Revision on Research Question

• September 11, 2012

Yesterday as I was in my Conflict 340 class (International Conflict Theory), we discussed the question as to why in all of the OECD nations, the US is by far, even a statistical outlier, the most violent nation. OECD is an international organization of the 30 richest countries throughout the world, most of them are […]

OCR Programs versus Manual Entry

• September 10, 2012

When digitizing historical documents, one of the greatest challenges is taking a large amount of information and enabling users to search through hundreds of years of text. This can create a difficult task of creating usable online archival documents. A problem that I have seen recently involves readings for classes that are in a PDF […]